How to customize? 

After Completing the Order...

Upload Your Design


  1. Click To "CHAT WITH US"
  2. Click "UPLOAD MY DESIGN" 

  3. Attach your design on Chat: Attach the photo/Design/Text you want to be printed on the tshirt. We accept JPEG, PNG, or PDF files. 


  1. Design requirements: If there are any specific requirements for the design, such as size or resolution, please mention them in your message.

  2. Wait for confirmation: Once we receive your design, we will confirm its receipt and begin working on your custom caricature.
  3. Mockup creation: Our designer will create a mockup image of your caricature, showing how it will look before printing.

  4. Mockup delivery: Within 24-48 hours, we will send you the mockup image for your review and approval.

  5. Review and provide feedback: Take a close look at the mockup and let us know if any changes or adjustments are needed. We want to ensure your satisfaction with the final product.

  6. Approval process: If you are happy with the mockup, reply to us with your approval, and we will proceed with printing your custom caricature.

  7. Printing and production: Once we receive your approval, we will start the printing process to bring your design to life on the caricature.

  8. Shipping and delivery: After the printing process is complete, we will prepare your caricature for shipping and notify you about the estimated delivery date.